About Us

Since 1985 A & M Pressure Washing Inc. has provided first rate services for commercial properties all over the north state with the best equipment and know how there is. Nothing beats the experience and integrity we bring to every job.

Why choose us?

Our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We always provide you with the best service possible and make sure the job is done right to your standards.


We carry 4,000,000 liability coverage, worker's comp, and all of the proper insurances on our vehicles, equipment, and the properties we service, for your protection.

Our Equipment

Our truck mounted machines use heat and force to remove stuck debris, to get clean uneven surfaces, safely remove cobwebs from overhangs and walls without causing damage, and clean large areas beautifully and quickly.

Contractor License #1061201

We Are Mindful In Our Work

While keeping concrete sparkling is our business, we do it without causing harm to the environment and our vital waterways. We go beyond set guidelines and have water recovery equipment available.

Our Employees Are The Best

Our employees are highly trained and experienced. They care about doing the best job and always go beyond what is expected. You can trust them to not only clean your walkways well, but also to handle any situation with integrity.